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Adam Cordova

Adam Cordova

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Adam Cordova is a Cello, Electric Cello, Bass Guitar and Beginning-Intermediate Guitar teacher instructor and performing musician. A long-time veteran of the Issaquah School District’s music program and graduating member of Issaquah’s Evergreen Philharmonic, Cordova offers a homegrown perspective on the standards of Academic Musicianship (be it Youth Orchestra or College Auditions). He aims to expand the boundaries of classical instruction, employing a wealth of technical advice while playing careful attention to the student’s creative and extracurricular needs. Adam studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston as a cello principle under Cello Professor and world-class Soloist, Patrice Jackson-Tilghman. There Adam was introduced to the world of Electric Cello for the first time; he enjoys the versatility this new instrument provides, and looks forward to introducing the instrument as a creative alternative to the age-old violincello. Cordova is also proficient in Music Production, has dabbled in entrepreneurship with his guitar pedal company, “Aux Blood Effects” and produced recordings under the label moniker Last Frontier Records. You can find his solo project, Totem Lake, online and coming soon to a Seattle venue near you!







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