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Jason Jackowich

Jason Jackowich

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Northwest native Jason Jackowich has been drumming since the age of 9.  Rooted in humble beginnings with his school’s band program, Jason discovered his talent and passion for music at an early age. Jason received many accolades to his name throughout his middle school, high school and college music career, including the peer awarded “Most Inspirational” medal, as well as “Exceptional Musician” rankings at many local and national level solo competitions. He has also gone on to coach several students to receiving such awards at their schools and competitions.

Jason pursued a degree in music theory with a minor in education, adding polish and depth to his playing and teaching.  

Jason has shared the stage at venues and festivals, such as the Moore Theater in Seattle, and all of the usual local Seattle hot spots. 

While Jason enjoys the challenge and beauty that all genres bring to the table, his personal favorites are emphasized in his rock, metal and “prog” playing.

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