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Pete Bellomo

Pete Bellomo

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Formerly of New York and Las Vegas, Pete has acquired many credits during his career as a professional trumpet player and instructor. He has worked with such star acts as Liza Minelli, Johnny Carson, Doc Severinson, Jerry Lewis, Paul Anka, Mel Torme, Diana Ross, and many others. He also played with many top flight musicians, including Sonny Payne, Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Carl Fontana, Don Rader, Bobby Shew, Bill Chase, Sal Nistico, and Buddy Childers. Pete is currently playing with the Rt. 66 Band, Kings of Swing, and Fred Radke and the Harry James Band, as well as doing combo work.

Pete says about teaching: “The most important thing in playing the trumpet, and/or any other wind instrument, is TONE. Technique can be improved by repetition with no regard to tone. The performer who has good technique coupled with a good sound is the one people prefer to hear. This can be achieved in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I like to use humor when I teach, and the students and I always manage to have a few laughs. The majority of my students are chosen to play first trumpet in their school bands. I’m happy to say that many of my former students keep in touch, and are still playing in college. Others have gone on to play professionally.”


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