Appreciation for our Teachers

"I also play guitar in a band called Between the Lines at Kaleidoscope School of Music. I like this program because it gives me the experience of playing together with other people in a band and performing shows in front of live audiences. Music has drastically changed my life, it has molded and shaped it, if I hadn’t decided to pick up that guitar and learned how to play it, I most likely would not be the person I am today."

--Nate Riley


"I've been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate your dedication to music in such a comprehensive way.  We're so used to sports getting all the energy and attention, so to have a music school that's as dedicated to kids as the focus on sports is a great thing and I feel very lucky that Jaden gets to benefit.   Much gratitude!"

-- June Sekiguchi


"I’ve been a commissioner on the Issaquah Arts commission for the past 8 years, and one of the founders of ArtWalk. There are simply not enough words to describe the vitality that you and your students bring to the community.  I know I will come across a famous musician one of these days that will say I got my start at Kaleidoscope and ArtWalk. I am very grateful that you are in our community! Thanks again for all you do."

--Julie Griffin


"Our daughter Zoe is super excited about Kaleidoscope.  As you can imagine life is difficult for a 'punk rock goth' in Snoqualmie, but at Kaleidoscope Zoe has found somewhere she fits in."

--Kali (parent)


I live in Bothell and have been taking cello lessons from Alex for about six months now. Alex is not only a highly skilled cellist but also an excellent teacher. He gives clear and focused instructions that have helped my skills tremendously in a relatively short period of time. Alex is a very patient and sympathetic teacher and he understands what instructions will help me the best. He is always friendly and professional. His combination of knowledge and teaching ability makes him one of the best instructors I have had.
--Michael Ritchie


I am an actress at Village Theatre Kidstage who had the opportunity to work with Melissa Fleming while she was a music director this summer.  I have to say that I made a more significant improvement with my voice in that one week than I made in years of singing in various musicals. On my first day with Melissa at Village, I was convinced that I didn't have a strong enough voice to sing anything on the program, but by the 5th day, I was confidently singing a solo. Even now, after the show is done, my cast mates and I still talk about how much we learned from Melissa.

-- Tanima Paul


I would love to tell you about Sarah Burwell. She is my violin teacher, a very good one at that. I have been her student for over a year now I can definitely say that she teaches with very much knowledge, skill, and appreciation. When I go to lessons, I feel like I’m with a friend instead of a teacher. While I’m playing each of my songs, she listens with thought and then critiques me on what I did right, and what I can work on. She is also very skilled with her violin, so she has a lot of knowledge about music, how to play the instrument, and anything else related! I can definitely see Sarah giving private lessons, or teaching a class of any age. Sarah is definitely the right person for the job.
-Jandrea Grobbelaar, 13


"Sarah Burwell has been working with my child for 3 years now.  Sarah has been such a caring, smart, professional and patient teacher.  When my child is feeling frustrated with the challenge of learning to play the violin, she has been able to motivate her to keep it up.   We look forward to working with Sarah for many years to come."
-Molly Benjamin


"My son was frustrated with his violin playing 14 months ago and was considering quitting, even though he loved playing with his friends at the MVYSO.  My wife and I convinced him to try a new teacher, and received several recommendations for Sarah Burwell.  The change was immediate - Within a month we noticed he was playing with more confidence and better tone, and with the additional confidence came the ability to play with emotion.  She is also patient with our son when his attention wanders during lessons.  We highly recommend Sarah."
--Jason Black


At the tender age of 4 our son, Heston, decided that he wanted to play the violin which at that point we started down a new path to try and find a violin teacher.  Our family initially met Sarah at the church we attend and learned that she was also a music instructor.  What a blessing it has been to have her as Heston’s violin instructor.  She knew that this was a new territory for us and helped answer a lot of our questions.  In the beginning without us asking her to do so, she helped us find the best place to rent a violin as our son has some special requirements.  She is very accommodating to our work/school schedules and best of all; it is how she responds to Heston.

As you can imagine the attention span of a 5 year old can have its challenges.  Sarah is patient, kind, and helps Heston stay focused.  Sarah has literally taught Heston how to play the violin from the beginning and within 6 months of playing, he was chosen to play in his schools talent show.  It is evident that Sarah loves to play and she shares this love and gift by wanting to teach others.  She is never short, doesn’t demand more than what is within reason from him, and continues to help him evolve.

Please accept our letter of recommendation for Sarah Burwell.  We believe that Sarah is the perfect candidate to fulfill your teaching position at Kaleidoscope.  What you see is what you get.  There are no hidden agendas, she is musically gifted, passionate about playing and has a big heart for her students.  If you aren’t sure, just ask our 5 year old, he can tell you how much he loves his teacher, Sarah.  And his parents love her too!

Warm regards,
Grant Family (Keith, Mimi and Heston)


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