Appreciation for Alastair

"We bought about 4 flute lessons at our school auction. . . My daughter had just started in the band as a flutist, and I spontaneously decided that maybe she could use a few lessons. Alastair was wonderful as he took in our new student!  I was sure that we were going to do it for just a few months, but my daughter was begging to continue, even though I thought that she had "too much on her plate"...  We bought the lessons at the auction in November 2008, and Alastair is still her teacher!   We have loved the quality of instruction along with the gentle approach to teaching the flute.  This combo has worked very well for our daughter, and we are thrilled that we found him!"

-- A Happy Flutist Mom, Jennifer
PS- I grew up playing the flute, so I could tell that Alastair was quite an amazing player/teacher right from the beginning! 

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