Appreciation for Pete

"Pete Bellomo is one of those people that every Mother wants in their children’s life. We first met Pete after an extremely bad experience with another private teacher. He did not have any openings at the time. When I explained how important it was for me to erase what just occurred and start in a positive way, he found a way to work Chase in. This was Chase’s sixth grade year. We continued with Pete until Chase graduated high school. Pete’s relationship with Chase was a gift. Trumpet teacher, mentor and life coach. He inspired Chase at every opportunity, always giving so much more than a trumpet lesson."
-- Tami (parent)

"Pete Bellomo taught our daughter Kati private trumpet lessons from the 5th through 9th grade.  During that time Kati qualified for the Lake Washington School District Elementary School honor band and her Junior High Jazz Band.  And this was just based on lessons every other week due to Kati’s busy schedule.  Kati is now a senior in High School and even though she has not taken lessons since the 9th grade, she qualified for the Senior High District honor band due to the strong foundation that Pete set for her.
More than being an excellent trumpet teacher Pete has outstanding skills at relating with kids from all different backgrounds and genders.   He takes a genuine interest in them as persons and they respond by working hard for him and enjoying it.  One good example is when Kati got her braces.  Kati went from being in tears that she would not be able to play again and with Pete’s encouragement to stick with it she persevered and was able to play well again.  The highest compliment was that our daughter did not complain about having to go to trumpet lessons, and if you have had children that is high praise indeed."
-- Dave and Kintha (parents)

"I'm writing to recommend Pete Bellomo as a trumpet teacher at your music school in Issaquah.
My son took trumpet lessons from Pete from 6th through 9th grades at another music studio. He was always friendly and supportive, and my son always looked forward to the lessons.
Pete taught my son the basics of playing the trumpet and guided him through the standard Rubanks and Arbans lesson books.  He also taught him the rudiments of music theory and jazz along the way.
Pete helped instill a love of music in my son that continues to this day. Although he's in college with another major, he still plays trumpet in a jazz combo and ensemble.
Pete's very dependable."
-- Gene (parent)

"For the past four years we have had the pleasure of having Pete Bellomo as a trumpet tutor to our son Phillip.  We cannot express how fortunate our son has been to have Mr. Bellomo as his tutor.  Under Pete’s guidance, Phillip has grown leaps and bounds in his trumpet playing.  He went from someone who could barely blow properly to an accomplished player in the Tyee Middle School band.  Not only did Mr. Bellomo make the trumpet lessons fun and entertaining for Phillip, he also exposed him to different genres of music.  In particular, now Phillip has an affinity for jazz standards and music by Frank Sinatra!"
-- James and Noriko (parent)

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