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Bill Panks received his B.A. in music from Carleton College with a focus on music composition. In addition to being a past member of the Sammamish Symphony and concertmaster of Carleton College’s Symphony Orchestra, he has extensive performance experience as a member of a variety of small chamber ensembles. Outside of the classical music world, he has also performed and recorded with singer-songwriters in Seattle and Minneapolis, and has been recorded for soundtracks to independent short films. In 2008 he performed in an ensemble as a part of a world music concert with Gao Hong and Friends.

He has been commissioned to write two original pieces for a local middle school orchestra, and contributed a new arrangement to a worldwide tour of orchestral versions of music from video games. In addition to playing violin, he plays piano, guitar and ukulele.

As a teacher, Bill tailors lessons to meet the learning needs of each student and draws from a variety of teaching methods and schools of thought. His ultimate goal is to help his students find the role they want music to play in their lives, and to give them the tools they need to realize that vision.


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