Covid-19 Information

Protocols Established at Kaleidoscope for Phase 2

We are sanitizing / disinfecting commonly touched or shared use surfaces regularly throughout the day

We have posted State and County guidelines for both teachers and students at our entrance (which is  the top of the inside stairs)

We are asking students to wash hands thoroughly before and after lessons

We are asking family members not to wait inside, if at all possible

We are asking that anyone with ANY symptoms of ANY illness to leave the building immediately

We are using our larger studios to facilitate the best social distancing we can.  Many studios have windows that can be opened.

As teachers return to in-person lessons, we are redesigning teacher use of the studio spaces to facilitate social distancing and limit transfer of the virus, in a way that best fits that unique studio’s layout and that teacher’s workflow

We have posted the CDC’s cleaning suggestions in a visible place by our kitchenette so that everyone in the building can implement those guidelines