Preston Murphy

Preston is a guitarist, pianist and composer from Vermont. His first instrument was clarinet in middle school but after picking up the guitar …Read More >>

Isaiah Zeller

Isaiah Zeller’s passion for music began at age 7 with the piano. As he developed a strong musical foundation in piano, Isaiah started exploring …Read More >>

L. Michelle

L. Michelle is a singer-songwriter with more than 15 years’ experience performing live and recording music …Read More >>

Chris Hill

I’ve been teaching professional level guitar, bass, and songwriting since 2011. I can also provide new piano students …Read More >>

Joanne Corr

Music is a wonderful gift in life. Therefore, my goal is to help students come to understand and appreciate various genres of music and engage in playing music…Read More >>

Claire Marx

Claire Marx been teaching piano and voice for nearly fifteen years and currently teaches ensemble singing, cabaret performance, and private vocal instruction, …Read More >>

Yuki Inoue

uki Inoue is an active musician and teacher in the Western Washington area covering both Classical and Jazz. Currently, …Read More >>

Wendy Peng


Ryan Lewis

I am so inspired and thankful for music; it has the power to uplift spirits. I am equally inspired by the opportunity to help students of any level…Read More >>

Sonia Vargas

I have been teaching piano in the Seattle area for 14 years and absolutely love this work. I teach…Read More >>

Leah Mainard

For the past decade, I have been teaching private voice and piano, as well as staying actively involved in my church music program, local choirs, and local musical theater productions. My passion is helping students grow as performers and vocalists no matter their skill level. Whether it is introducing the beginner student to the stage…Read More >>

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