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Jason Edwards began playing drums at the age of 16. In his first decade of playing, he has recorded and performed with over 30 bands in the Northwest.   Jason also owns and operates a home studio, where he writes and records original music. Samples can be heard on his website:  www.jasonedwardsdrums.com
There are 7 core concepts in Jason’s teaching curriculum. They are:

  • relaxed hand/foot technique for lifelong playing
  • musicality in rock, jazz, funk, and world music
  • understanding song form, and what role the drums play in shaping and enhancing it
  • maximizing efficiency during practice time
  • reading snare, drumset, charts AND ear training
  • playing with a balanced sound with your limbs
  • knowledge of the rudiments and their practical application to the drumset

Jason believes it is the sum of these 7 concepts that makes a drummer sensitive, adaptable, and desirable for any musical situation.  In addition to these concepts, lessons are tailored to each individual’s unique goals and abilities.


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