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John Marino has decades of experience as a rock keyboardist and music teacher. As modern keyboard is in and of itself an amalgam of many styles including Classical, Ragtime, Blues, Boogie-Woogie, R&B, Jazz, and Prog, we will explore each of these genres as they relate to the modern keyboardist. Styles of the great Classic and Modern Rock keyboardists and songwriters will likewise be covered along with the use of modern keyboard technology in the emulation of real instruments for live performance. Beginners will especially appreciate this approach as any and all genres will be available for study immediately according to their interests and goals.

Much the same approach is taken with the study of acoustic and electric guitar. Many styles from Ragtime/Folk fingerpicking through Classic and Alternative Rock are incorporated for study after basic chords, strumming patterns, and barre chords are introduced. In bass guitar, major scale and pentatonic blues patterns along with a balance of of Classic Rock and modern Hard Rock are presented for study. Soon thereafter, the budding bassist will be accompanied by the instructor on keyboard and/or guitar for initial experience in an ensemble/band setting.

Drawing on many his years of both performing and teaching; a comprehensive overview of music theory, history, and rock trivia is included into each lesson plan in an upbeat setting replete with positive reinforcement for a truly rewarding experience for students of all ages.

John graduated from Seattle University with a BA in Music Theory. From 2005 to the present he has been a pupil and protégé of Maestro Bogey Vujkov.

Video of John performing No Lo Creas

Video of John performing Dueling Banjos


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