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Music has been a very large part of my life.  Growing up music was a part of my household, in all shapes and styles.  I developed a taste for a wide variety of music at an early age.  I picked up the guitar and immediately fell in love, and piano soon followed. I played every minute I could and always received a lot of joy from playing and learning. In high school I played piano in orchestra, discovered a love for jazz and joined the high school jazz band. Playing jazz introduced me to a love for teaching which started with helping out friends. After high school I began my career as a guitar and piano instructor.

Since high school I have played in jazz combos and written original tunes for some, along with endless jam sessions, a few local rock bands and sitting in for bands on piano and guitar.  A few years ago I began focusing more on writing music, while continuing my instruction business.

I love teaching music and helping students find and develop their passion for music. It doesn’t matter if students have never picked up an instrument or have played their whole lives; all students have musical talent that can be fostered and enjoyed. I focus on creating lessons closely suited for each student’s goals and capabilities. I want to encourage each student’s passion for music and I tailor the learning environment so each student enjoys lessons and best develops his or her abilities.


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