Michael Matlock

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When it comes to learning music, Michael has always believed that an understanding of how music works is essential. The greatest joys come from making music one’s own, rather than simply repeating the notes one is told to play. A strong classical background in theory and sight reading is important in providing the foundation for students to become proficient in any number of styles and play in many different venues, whether as a concert pianist or an accompanist or a rock musician. Michael encourages students to explore and try things above and beyond what the lesson books contain, and loves to see students learning their favorite songs, or even writing some of their own.

Michael is a graduate of University of Michigan with a BM in Music Composition. When not writing music, he works as a freelance accompanist for theatre productions and assists in teaching Musical Theatre classes for kids. He and his brother occasionally get together to make music under the name Kuribo’s Shoe.

Website: kuribosshoe.bandcamp.com

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