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Chris Hill (He/Him/They/Them). I’ve been teaching professional level guitar, bass, and songwriting since 2011. I can also provide new piano students with entry level piano instruction. I can teach a variety of styles. I am adept at tuning into each student’s particular learning style and creating greater or less complex tablature and chording for a song depending on what’s appropriate to their level. After teaching the guidelines of music theory as it’s currently understood. I also do my best to help students find their own particular way of playing music so their individuality can be expressed. I focus on the songs and music that are most interesting to each student.

I’ve been a professional musician since 2010. Over the years I have written about 500 songs and have recorded, mixed and publicly released the best top 10% of these songs….which translates to 58 professionally recorded and mixed songs, including singles and five albums. My latest album, (released Dec 2020) was featured on college radio at several places around the country and featured in over 10 music magazines and blogs. The music video for the title track of my previous album (released in 2019) was an official selection of Stiff Film Festival Seattle 2019. The album also made it into the top 10 at several college radio stations including KUOI Moscow ID.

I also play at music venues around Seattle including: The Sunset Tavern, Conner Byrne Pub, Substation and Tim’s Tavern. I’ve had a lot of exciting musical experiences, I played at a coffee house with a blues harmonica player in Austin Tx, and jammed on stage free form with five complete strangers at the oldest bar in Eugene Oregon. I played a battery operated electric guitar amp into the Grand Canyon to hear the echo! I have played in busking situations at Pike Place Market, Folklife Festival and the New Jersey Board Walk in front of the Stone Pony venue where Bruce Springsteen got his start. I’ve performed a Pink Floyd song on South Street in Philly on a crowded Saturday night, just down from Jim’s the famous Cheese Steak restaurant. I’ve also played blues piano to passers by… along with a slide guitarist, using a brightly colored piano on the streets of Denver Co.

I’ve also taken a professional song writing course by Bob Franke, a long time respected New England area performer and was involved for years with a songwriting circle of accomplished musicians in Bellingham such as Marie Eaton of the Folk Band Mother Lode.

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Fairhaven college at WWU class of 2000. Fairhaven allows self-designed majors in a similar way to Evergreen State College. My major was entitled “Wellness Through Music for Children at Risk.” I studied Psychology, Special Education, Recording, Songwriting and Communication and successfully presented a dissertation to a committee of college professors as well as peers as well as completing a Senior Project. For the project I wrote and recorded 10 personalized self-esteem boosting songs for kids that included their name, personal interests and favorite places, foods and activities. The songs were written in the genre of music most liked by the child. I followed up a month later to interview the children and found that they were all still regularly listening to their songs.




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