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Preston is a guitarist, pianist and composer from Vermont. His first instrument was clarinet in middle school but after picking up the guitar at 14 he began seriously studying music. A self-taught guitarist, he played in various jazz and blues groups in Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Music Education. While at UVM he developed his skills as a composer and moved to Seattle to attend the Pacific Northwest School of Film Scoring as part of their Master of Music in Film Composition program, from which he graduated in July 2022. As a composer he’s had music programmed as part of UVM’s Festival of New Music, had work played by the UVM Symphony Orchestra and was hired to write music for local TV stations.

Preston has been teaching lessons for 11 years and has had students from ages 7 to 75. His focus is to help facilitate student’s enjoyment of the instrument and he will tailor lessons to their likes and interests. He believes improvising and composing are vital for all musicians and he will create a safe and positive space for students to explore and find their own voice as musicians. He also believes strongly in proper technique and playing habits and will equip students with the physical tools to play freely and avoid injury.


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