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Brad Gibson holds a BMA in performance from Cornish College of the Arts (2008) and has been teaching private lessons since 2004. He has studied rudimental drumming with Rob Carson, piano, musicianship, and composition with Denney Goodhew, composition and arranging with Jim Knapp, and drum set with Steve Smith and John Wicks.

In my life, I place emphasis on lineage. Who has taught me is equally as important as what I have been taught. This is not a superficial manner of thinking. Through working together, the character of the teacher is often imparted onto the student. In light of this natural process, I hold my position as a teacher with high regard.

In lessons with the student, I seek to inspire a command of snare and drum set through technical exercises, reading, and transcribing music directly from audio. Focus is placed on the fundamentals in a manner that is tailored to the individual student and which includes language/repertoire, tone control, and posture.

My teaching style does not rely on a set curriculum. I prefer instead to allow the student space in which they can explore the many facets of music. Music, while rich in tradition is also a personal practice. I believe that relying on a flexible, situation-based curriculum allows room for the individual student to explore and experiment within the tradition.

My intention is to guide and enable the student’s innate curiosity and desire to learn in a manner that will serve them for years to come. As such, progress greatly depends on the student’s willingness to practice. Drumming is a holistic discipline requiring great commitment, and which ultimately incorporates intellect and body.


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