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Ron Barrow

Ron started playing the playing the trumpet at the age of ten, first studying with his father, an amateur trumpet player …Read More >>

Peter Ellis

Peter Ellis, a Seattle native, began his studies in the fourth grade. He played in the Seattle . . . Read More >>

Preston Murphy

Preston is a guitarist, pianist and composer from Vermont. His first instrument was clarinet in middle school but after picking up the guitar …Read More >>

Adam Chmaj

Adam Chmaj is a saxophonist who has performed professionally for over 5 years, from coast to coast, from Seattle to New York. His love and aspiration for the saxophone …Read More >>

Isaiah Zeller

Isaiah Zeller’s passion for music began at age 7 with the piano. As he developed a strong musical foundation in piano, Isaiah started exploring …Read More >>

Haley Fleming

Originally from Aberdeen Washington, Haley Fleming attended Central Washington University, receiving her Music Bachelor of Arts …Read More >>

L. Michelle

L. Michelle is a singer-songwriter with more than 15 years’ experience performing live and recording music …Read More >>

Rick Flores

Rick Flores began his career in music at the age of 15 by becoming a member of the Midland-Odessa Symphony …Read More >>

Chris Hill

I’ve been teaching professional level guitar, bass, and songwriting since 2011. I can also provide new piano students …Read More >>

Joanne Corr

Music is a wonderful gift in life. Therefore, my goal is to help students come to understand and appreciate various genres of music and engage in playing music…Read More >>

Adam Baumol

With over 30 years of personal, academic and professional experience, Adam Baumol brings an extraordinarily diverse level of knowledge and expertise to every lesson…Read More >>

Park Evans

Originally from Ithaca, New York guitarist Park Evans moved to Minnesota to attend Saint Olaf College where he studied composition and classical guitar…Read More >>

Manchung Ho

Manchung Ho has performed in a number of orchestras and chamber music ensembles in Hong Kong and the United States, …Read More >>

Claire Marx

Claire Marx been teaching piano and voice for nearly fifteen years and currently teaches ensemble singing, cabaret performance, and private vocal instruction, …Read More >>

James Howard

I started playing guitar at 12 and although largely self-taught, I also studied music throughout all levels of education including college.  I pursued my passion, …Read More >>

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